The Price of Open

Early in our LRNT 502 Introduction to Research course we received an invitation to visit  My first impression was not a positive one.  Faced with a login screen, I signed in with my Google account and immediately began receiving unsolicited email.  I searched for reviews and found negative comments on an otherwise positive review ( reviews – legit or scam?, 2015) about the service’s practice of data gathering on members, even suggesting that it might be illegal (Jason, 2015; Charles, 2015). Further searches for information on the service identified no more spam issues however, and I realize that the two negative comments posted on the same date may not reflect independent opinions or reliable information.

The remaining information I found focused on the issue discussed in Wecker’s (2014) review about takedown notices from journals objecting to copyrighted materials being posted for free distribution.  While I strongly agree with Stephen Downes that publicly funded research should be open (2016), I also agree with Banchetti’s (2012) comments “Copyright is copyright” and “Publishing is a business” (n.p.) arguing that authors must respect the terms of copyright agreements they sign with a journal. Ever the champion of open access, even Downes recognizes that someone must pay, and argues that open educational resources (OER) require a sustainability model if they are to replace a paid publication and distribution system (2006).’s data mining still seems invasive (I now have an unsolicited follower), but that may be one sustainability model showing the price of open.


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