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Place for My Voice

Two-weeks of face-to-face classes (residency) in my Graduate Diploma in Learning and Technology program at Royal Roads have ended.  A year of online challenges begins. One of my challenges is reading scholarly research journal articles.  The dry objectivity of academic … Continue reading

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Terminology and Meaning II – What you’re saying is not what I’m feeling

In my previous blog post I introduced the new-to-me culture of inquiry called phenomenology.  As I grappled with the concepts of phenomenological research, I reflected on the results and especially the limits of experiencing with my own consciousness, the lived … Continue reading

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Terminology and Meaning – What you heard wasn’t what I was saying

Learning new vocabulary must be part of beginning any new discipline.  It enables a way of speaking to colleagues with precision about ideas and concepts.  In my Introduction to Research course from Royal Roads University I’m finding terms that at … Continue reading

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Back to School

I was tempted to call this “What Was I Thinking: Part II”. I’ve enrolled in grad school – well, a 1-year graduate diploma program actually. Royal Roads University has a flexible admissions policy that let me squeak into their blended … Continue reading

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