Why, Hardly Any At All Dear

Just to prove you don’t need academic credentials nor superior intelligence to engage in Rhizo15, I submit the following headlines from the notorious tabloid “Rhizo Enquirer”

  • Doing Rhizomatic Learning the Right Way
  • How Rhizomatic Learning Isn’t as Bad as You Think
  • True Facts About Justin Bieber’s Love of Rhizomes
  • 19 Facts about Rhizomes the Government is Hiding
  • What the World Would be Like if Rhizo15 Didn’t Exist
  • Darth Vader’s Guide to Deleuze and Guattari
  • How Did Dave Cormier Become the Best? Find Out
  • The Evolution of Sarah Honeychurch
  • Why Scott Johnson is the 51st Shade of Grey
  • 7 Ideas You Can Steal from Kevin’s Comics
  • Why Our World Would End if Nomads Disappeared
  • 20 Podcasts about Betweenness Centralities
  • The 5 Worst Songs about Deterritorialization
  • How Not Knowing Rhizomatic Poetry Makes You a Rookie

That’s my answer to Dave Cormier’s questions for week 6:

What should an artifact of a rhizomatic event look like?
What can we leave behind to remind us of the people we were now? How can we tell stories to explain the rhizome?

Autumm Caines for collaborating on the Portentous Rhizo15 slideshow with me – visit it and make your contribution
My wife Lois who sacrificed a Friday night to let me play with this
for her Community Manager’s Daily  link to the title generator
Portent’s Content Idea Generator – so much fun for so little effort – the engine that wrote all these headlines – see, I said it didn’t require intelligence, hardly any at all

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