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Apologetic Canadian Zombie

Well friends, here’s a zombie who has happily resolved his identity crisis. I have come to terms with what I am. I am a zombie. I bite and devour people. Sorry about that, but that’s the way it is. I … Continue reading

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Peaceful River Bank

  Wait.  I no longer have a human breast in which anything can spring.  I am a Zombie. I “lost” at Twitter versus Zombies.  OK, in the spirit of the game, I did not really lose; I changed.  But I … Continue reading

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Conflicted Zombie

I am a troubled zombie.  Not supposed to have any thought, only cravings for human flesh, particularly brains.  Troubling something buried deep within me, is the question, Why does scorn, violence, and compulsion come so easily?   How can I be … Continue reading

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