Imperfect Understanding

My original understanding of the term “Digital Storytelling” was much too narrow.
Here’s how I originally saw it.

This was my contribution to the October 2010 (10-10-10) One Day On Earth project. It is Web 2.0 by virtue of it’s collaborative nature and world-wide participation. However, I did not know about Alan Levine’s 50 free tools in October, and relied instead on my ancient Pinnacle Studio which cost a hundred bucks (including a PCI card for analog input) back in 2005.

The One Day On Earth Global Video Map is now live.
This screen shot from their map shows my location in northern Canada

Mashable has a writeup about the project at

I still think ODOE is a great digital storytelling project, but the term is acquiring a much wider definition for me since jumping into the deep end of ds106. I’ve had far less time to participate than I hoped when I signed up. Can’t even keep up with my Google Reader feed, much less contribute for each assignment. Still it’s a worthwhile education in the sheer breadth of ideas. Looks like I didn’t miss much though, by being a young dad in the ’80s – and too busy to keep up with pop culture. Were the movies and the music actually that bad? Has it really all gone downhill since 1970?

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  1. Jim says:


    Digital Storytelling, at least in the ds106 strain of that virus, is quite broad, and intentionally so. it attempt to think about this medium as a narrative space in which we constantly interact and build. So the intentional act of making a story is not necessarily the only way to look at it. In fact, we are constantly weaving stories around us in so many different ways that touch so many different people, but we have no real sense of that yet. This class is about trying to muster a sense of that, all the while being a thoughtful and critical web citizen in the process.

    Also, the 80s rocked!

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